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    Customers may purchase as many samples as they like, but there is a maximum of three (3) samples of the same fragrance. If more than 3 are purchased, we will contact the Customer and offer a refund of samples exceeding the maximum.



    -With the purchase of one full bottle worth $65 or more, you may select two (2) free samples of your choice*.

    -With the purchase of two full bottles worth $65 or more each, you may select three (3) free samples of your choice*.

    -With the purchase 3 full bottles worth $65 or more each, you may select four (4) free samples of your choice*.

    Simply note your selections at checkout.

    You can also email customer service with your selections at While we can not guarantee with 100% certainty that we can provide the samples requested, we do our best to accommodate your requests. 

    We will not send arbitrary samples. The customer must specify what they would like to try, or instruct us to "surprise" them. 

    *Note on free samples: We can not always accommodate requests for free samples of fragrances that are rare or unusually costly. This includes fragrances from Tabacora, some fragrances from Auphorie, Marina Barcenilla Parfums and Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery. Thank you for understanding!