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    Q. How are natural fragrances different from ones that contain synthetics (mixed media)?

    A. Natural perfume wears closer to the skin. Sillage (scent cloud) is more intimate and may be less potentially bothersome to those around you. We advise that you use natural fragrances within one year of purchase because, while they can keep well for many years, there is always the potential for certain notes (often citruses) to turn more readily than other ingredients in the formulas, although many people report having natural perfumes for many years that never smell "off". With natural fragrances you might experience extremely subtle variations from bottle to bottle because, like a fingerprint and unlike synthetics, there is no way guarantee that the ingredients will smell identical from batch to batch.

    Q. How should I go about finding the right perfume for myself?

    A. We offer a sampling service and highly recommend using it so that you don’t end up with a fragrance that doesn’t suit your tastes. One tip is to think about what kinds of scents you have liked in the past, not only perfumes, but flowers, candles, lotions, and notice if there are any patterns. Do you become repulsed or attracted by spices, vanilla or flowers? Do you always gravitate towards fresh, green or clean scents? It’s also important to notice the scents you never seem to like and start by avoiding those, although it’s easy for tastes to evolve over time. You can also contact us, and we would be happy to give further guidance and offer recommendations. 


    Q. What is an herbalist?

    A. An herbalist is someone who has been trained to work with medicinal plants. Elizabeth (the owner) is a certified as a Western clinical herbalist, so her knowledge is based on herbs located in the Western world. Herbal medicine includes everything from topical use of medicinal herbs to tinctures, teas and aromatherapy.