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    Avé Parfum is a purveyor of niche and artisan perfumes from around the world that are crafted by conscientious perfumers who have made the committment never to use cruel animal musks in their products. With aromachemicals as well as botanical sources, we do not need inhumane animal products to create beautiful, complex, lasting luxury fragrances. Please let us help you find your next fine fragrance.

    Elizabeth Rose, Owner - AVÉ PARFUM 

    Elizabeth Rose, Owner. A life-long lover of perfume, Elizabeth is a collector and connoisseur, having amassed hundreds of bottles of perfume and having smelled thousands. She is a certified Western Clinical Herbalist who enjoys exploring the connection between fragrance and healing. Elizabeth's philosophy is that no animals should have to endure torture or death in order for people to smell good. To her excitement and relief, she discovered that there are conscientious perfumers around the world who share her philosophy. Through one-on-one conversations with perfumers who share a common vision, Elizabeth curates each and every fragrance in order to offer consumers easy access to perfumes that she refers to as Conscientious Luxury.