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    Thorn & Bloom

    Thorn & Bloom

    Jennifer Botto, the house’s founder and perfumer, grew up on a farm in northern New York, where her youth instilled within her a deep connection to the natural world. With space to roam, each season brought with it the most glorious sensory gifts. Her perfumes are inspired by a longing for this connection and will transport the wearer into the great outdoors of Jennifer’s youth, filled with memories of whiffs of lilacs, ancient apple trees, sun-scorched earth, plumes of smoke, musty mounds of leaves and boiling sap.

    Thorn & Bloom takes a holistic approach to keep the perfume pristinely pure and allow the aromatics' full spectrum to shine. Sometimes this spectrum includes unique nuances which, to some, may be an acquired taste. These nuances are essential elements. Imperfection can elevate beauty in surprising and spectacular ways.

    Thorn & Bloom Perfume is a microperfumery. Every perfume is blended, bottled and boxed by hand with only two employees in order to maintain complete control over the quality of the perfume, which is painstakingly inspected to offer the very best product.

    It is suggested that natural perfumes are used within one year of purchase.

    • GMO-free
    • 90% USDA certified organic materials
    • 100% Natural
    • Vegan options

    *Sample vials are 1/2 ml full

    Country of Origin: USA

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