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    TABACORA takes much of its inspiration from art and literature in order to create their own art; olfactory "paintings" in which the wearer can immerse him or herself.

    The Chariots of Love collection is composed of two Middle Eastern-style attars, Salim and Anarkali. They tell a story of a journey to India, replete with splendor, desire and the bitterness of pain. 

    The house also offers Salim Bagh 1619, a parfum extrait, as well as T Men Cologne '76, a cross-generational retro-style cologne.

    TABACORA was awarded a prestigious Laur Experta 2015/2016 award in their home country of Poland. The award is judged by top Polish scientists for quality, competitiveness and compliance with consumer needs.

    Salim attar was a finalist at the 2016 Art and Olfaction Awards.

    • Vegan

    Country of Origin: Poland