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    La Fleur by Livvy

    La Fleur by Livvy

    Perfumer Olivia "Livvy" Larson draws inspiration from childhood memories in India. Within her perfumes, you will find memories of women in the marketplace with fragrant jasmine garlands in their hair, the scent of attars, tuberose, rosewater and sandalwood incense sticks wafting through the air as they burn, the various flowers that bloomed at night, the smell of earth after it rains on a hot summer day, the frangipani (plumeria) flowers which grew outside her grandmother’s bedroom window. Each fragrance tells a story about journeys and travel. Many of her fragrances incorporate an East-meets-West theme.

    La Fleur by Livvy's creations are soft, subtle and sensuous, not meant to overwhelm or take over a room. Livvy was inspired to create perfumes for people who have allergies or other health issues and who find chemicals bothersome or intolerable but who still desire the complexity of a fine perfume.

    We are proud to offer two collections: The Fleur Collection (the flower as interpreted by Livvy) and the Travel Collection (perfumes inspired by countries around the world).

    It is suggested that natural perfumes are used within one year of purchase.

    This fragrance is 100% natural. Slight separation may naturally occur. We suggest a light shake of the bottle before applying.

    • 100% Natural
    • Vegan

    Country of Origin: USA