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    Jorum Studio

    Jorum Studio

    Perfumer Euan McCall has a penchant for inventive fragrances with unusual notes that sound quirky on paper yet come together with impressive cohesion on the skin. Thoroughly modern and arguably challenging, the goal is not to make people-pleasing perfumes, but to put forth thoughtful, carefully crafted, small batch works of art by using the Studio as a vehicle for discovery and development. 

    Jorum Studio aligns very well with our own ethos. One of the very few houses with a comprehensive ethics policy, Jorum does not use cruel natural musks, and they make great efforts to source natural materials responsibly and sustainably. In short, they produce considered modern perfumes crafted with integrity.

    Six fragrances belong to the Progressive Botany Collection, while Fantosmia is a new release.

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    Country of Origin: Scotland