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    January Scent Project

    January Scent Project

    January Scent Project is perfumer John Biebel's personal study of perfume. Born from childlike curiosity and a just pinch of naitivity, each finished fragrance is a lesson and close examination of a particular note, accord or genre. The perfumes are based on eclectic themes that are inspired by storytelling, mythology and fairytales.

    With each study, an aspect of the subject is emphasized, such as the "fern" element of a fougere in Eiderantler. While this is not a traditional way to create perfume, the house's signature seems to be to offer fragrances that surprise us on paper but that will not be overly idiosyncratic nor too challenging to wear.

    Each perfume contains some amount of organically grown natural material as well as wild-harvested plants.

    Packaging and art work for the fragrances stem from a love of 50's and 60's Japanese cinema, much of which is steeped in Japanese fairytales. 

    • Vegan options