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    I Profumi de Firenze

    I Profumi de Firenze

    Based in the Tuscan city of Florence, the house was founded by Dr. Giovanni Di Massimo, a pharmacist who began his career in the 1960’s. He watched medicine become increasingly synthetic, and he became concerned about the loss of the connection between nature and healing. This prompted him to go on sabbatical in 1978 to study plants. With his perfumes, he wishes to address the human need to target physical and mental balance.

    The inspiration of Dr. Di Massimo’s fragrances comes from the Renaissance period, namely from the ancient book of perfume "recipes" by Catherine de Medici and her perfumers, called “muschiari”. Florence was once considered the world capital of perfume. Each perfume contains a significant percentage of natural fragrance to create a richer olfactory experience, thanks to all the nuances and gradients that natural raw materials provide.

    Country of Origin: Italy

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