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    House of Gray

    House of Gray

    After starting AVÉ PARFUM, Founder and Creative Director, Elizabeth Rose, turned her attention towards building her fragrance house. Her first three fragrances are the culmination of seven years of jotting down notes in a little notebook or scraps of paper that she carried in her purse, in an effort to create deeply inspired fragrances that are constructed with exceptional ingredients and that are also cruelty-free. She places significant emphasis on using luxurious natural materials.

    With a background in herbal medicine, it would not be unusual to find traces of herbalism and spirituality in her fragrances, but her palette of inspiration knows no limits. The first three fragrances from House of Gray are not really a "collection" per se, as each fragrance is a stand-alone piece of art, with its own story to tell.

    Shades of gray are infinite, symbolizing freedom of thought and expression. 

    • Vegan

    Country of Origin: USA

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