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    Euphorium Brooklyn

    Euphorium Brooklyn

    Filmmaker Stephen Dirkes has taken his creativity into the world of perfume by founding Euphorium Brooklyn, beautiful artisanal perfumes based on the fictional narrative of “Euphorium Bile Works”, founded in 1860 in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn.

    The Euphorium Brooklyn crest features a chimera composed of a Stag, Bear, and Dragon to represent the three founders Etienne Chevreuil (Stag), Rudolph Komodo (Dragon), and Christian Rosenkreuz (Bear). Each fragrance tells a story from the lives of the founders.

    Animal-friendly accords reproduce 19th century animalic perfumery materials such as ambergris, castoreum, and civet. Ingredients are carefully sourced and environemtnally sustainble whenever possible. Packaging is close to zero waste with unbleached, recyclable boxes that are beautifully stamped with the house’s design.

    Note: The story and it’s characters are entirely fictional and not intended to represent any person living or deceased. Although the narrative is presented in a historical/ biographical context, no actual historical events or personae are intended to be represented.

    Watch our YouTube interview with perfumer Stephen Dirkes!

    • Vegan Options

    Country of Origin: USA

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