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    El Jardí Secret

    El Jardí Secret

    Located in Tiana, Barcelona the little workshop called El Jardí Secret (The Secret Garden) offers truly exceptional, artisanal perfumes. Perfumer Esperança Cases produces small batches of perfume that yield just a few bottles at a time, bottles which, once sold out, will never exist again. Esperança draws deep inspiration from nature. Her methods are anchored in the past--drop by drop and long macerations that facilitate synergies and short productions. Her work is highly-tailored, restoring former uses of perfume and promoting their perception outside of the bottles. We are honored that Esperança allows us to offer some of her rare and exquisite fragrances to our customers.

    El Jardí Secret was featured at the AIX Scent Fair in 2016 at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and is a winner of the 2016 and 2019 New Artisan Perfume Awards from Taste TV.

    • 100% Natural

    It is suggested that natural perfumes are used within one year of purchase.

    Country of Origin: Catalonia (Catalunya)