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    Auphorie was founded by two passionate brothers who find inspiration in Asian and East Asian cultures, plants and animals. Their highly artistic, unique compositions push the limits of fine perfumery, proving to the world that a talented nose can successfully re-construct animalic scents using synthetic and botanical accords.

    In Auphorie's perfumes, you will find expensive and rare ingredients, such as natural Laotian oud oil in their Binturong extrait. "We have the freedom to utilize any ingredients, regardless of the costs and availability, to create the perfumes that we wish to create." Perfumes are crafted in small batches after long months of maceration.

    Auphorie is so conscientious that everything from charitable giving, animal cruelty and even eco-friendly yet elegant packaging has been carefully thought-out.

    • Vegan

    Country of Origin: Malaysia

    Art & Olfaction award winner, 2016

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