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    After founding Marina Barcenilla Parfums, perfumer Marina Barcenilla turned her attention to her other passion--outer space. As a planetary scientist based in Glastonbury, England, she enjoys envisioning and bringing to life the scents that a person floating around out there might encounter.

    Marina created AromAtom as a fun and interactive science program. The program takes children aged 7-14 on a scented journey from Earth to the Milky Way via the moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, incorporating accounts of Apollo and ISS astronauts. The first fragrance from AromAtom, Out of This World, is the culmination of their scented journey.

    Proceeds from sales of Out of This World are used to fund the AromAtom program, one of Marina's numerous ways of "giving back".

    • Vegan

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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