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    April Aromatics

    April Aromatics

    Through her many journeys, perfumer Tanja Bochnig discovered the healing power of the plants and essential oils that assisted her with jetleg and malaise. The customs and cultures of the distant lands and the healing power of the plants and essential oils served as an inspiration for the creation of April Aromatics, arousing her passion to create fragrances in order to capture these impressions and emotions.

    Each perfume is infused with individually chosen essences of semiprecious stones, which afford energy and harmony to the wearer. The energy and intention that go into the creation is most important for Tanja to complete a beautiful bouquet. Her intention is to make you smell good and feel good. 

    It is suggested that natural perfumes are used within one year of purchase.

    • 100% Natural
    • Vegan options

    Country of Origin: Germany