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    Visit with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

    Visit with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

    Hello conscientious perfumistas!

    When we launched, we announced that we would donate part of our profits from our first month in business to a local animal charity. First we would like to take a moment to thank our customers for their purchases during the month of October. Because of you, Avé Parfum was able to make a meaningful donation to a local animal charity. We are based in Asheville, NC and we selected Brother Wolf Animal Rescue as the recipient.

    Adoption Center 

    We visited Brother Wolf to learn more about the organization hands-on. We encountered lots of cats and dogs, and a sweet white bunny too. Brother Wolf is a grass roots organization with a No-Kill mission of unconditional compassion. They performed search and rescue missions in four states during hurricanes Harvey and Irma. They also provided relief to overcrowded Southern shelters that do indeed kill animals by taking more than 200 animals back to their adoption center in Asheville.

    Because of Brother Wolf, Asheville went from a 70% kill rate at the county shelter ten years ago to a +90% save rate. The organization's current project, for which charitable contributions are needed, is the construction of an incredible animal sanctuary. The sanctuary will serve as a rehabilitation center for animals who are victims of cruelty or who have serious health issues and require up to six months of rehabilitation in order to be adopted. This organization has also shared its life-saving strategies and programs with other communities throughout the South.

    Next to the adoption center, Brother Wolf runs a pretty cool thrift store. All of the proceeds go to the organization.

    Below you will find pictures from our bittersweet yet heart-warming visit.


    Thrift shop and resident kitty....

    Again, thank you for helping us to do what we can to help animal charities such as Brother Wolf. This will by no means be the last time we do stuff like this, so if you have not signed up for our newsletter, we welcome you to do that to find out about special offers, news and future charitable giving events.

    Yours truly, 


    Fall Favorites - Top Picks for 2017

    Fall Favorites - Top Picks for 2017

    If you haven't checked out these beauties, now's the time! Here are my Top 6 picks for Fall 2017:

    1. Patchouli Clouds by Marina Barcenilla Parfums - I can not seem to get enough of this breathtaking, 100% natural patch. I get this litte bit of jasmine in it that somehow lifts it up. I don't get spice, but almost like an innuendo of it. It's woody and on the darker side, and I just find it unbelievably therapeutic. Grounding and relaxing but exhilirating in its beauty. 

    2. Wild Rose by Thorn and Bloom - Now that it's cooler, I'm moving towards roses that are darker and have more heft. Wild Rose is still not super dark, but it has some nice deeper notes of myrrh and woods in the base and a balsamic texture overall. It's a rose that men can easily wear as well as women, and I partially attribute that quality to the fact that it's 100% natural. 

    3. Civet by Zoologist - Practically a modern classic at this point, but how wonderful that it just happens to wear so beautifully in the fall. It has rich florals, spice that is not overwhelming by any means, and a touch of animalic (synthetic of course), musky warmth. 

    4. Dryad by Papillon Artisan Perfumes - Dryad wears well in all seasons, but I love it for fall because this is the season where I feel vetiver really shines. People might think of it as a good galbanum fragrance, which it totally is, but I get so much lovely, bright vetiver in the heart. It also has some soft woods, which round out the woody aspects of the perfume, making it lightly woody rather than heavy and dark (as we sometimes like our winter perfumes to be).  

    5. Erdernstern by April Aromatics - Who doesn't like a little tobacco in their fall fragrances? Tobacco is one of those notes that just screams fall. It's earthy, warm and sweet, and it blends so beautifully with woods and spices. Erdenstern is all of those things in one bottle--sticky tobacco, bitter cacao, intense woods, sweet without being a toothache. So beautiful! I've been reaching for it a lot on cool days, for peaceful fall hikes, or sometimes I spritz my inner-elbow before bed. Also 100% natural.

    6. Usar by Euphorium Brooklyn - A spectacular quality vetiver with an edge of clean, sugared sweetness. I get a hint of clove in the base, but it's not prominent on my skin. Usar also has an addictive delicate smokiness about it that smells like natural paper that has been singed on the edges. It gives you some smoke without becoming cloying. Such a beauty!

    Have you tried any of these? We'd love to hear from you and also hear about your own fall favorites!

    Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with CHOCOLATL by Euphorium Brooklyn

    Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with CHOCOLATL by Euphorium Brooklyn

    This video of CHOCOLATL, inspired by our recent Instagram post about Dia de los Muertos, was created by Euphorium Brooklyn founder Stephen Dirkes. The video is 1000 times more cool. It's extremely fun and entertaining and was begging to be shared!

    We have samples of CHOCOLATL as well as full bottles. You can check out the product and description if you click here.

    Also don't forget that a portion of all profits for the month of October will go to a local animal rescue organization. Details will follow if you sign up for our newletter or check the blog. Animals need our help today!

    Enjoy the video!


    Rudolph Komodo's Tales From Señora Bustelo’s Apartments - The Duel in the Dessert from stephen dirkes on Vimeo.


    Watch our first YouTube video!

    Watch our first YouTube video!

    I invite you to watch a YouTube video about natural perfume myths and animal issues in the perfume industry that I made with natural perfumer Laurie Stern of Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery. Laurie is the newly appointed Director of Animal Conservation at the IPF (International Perfume Foundation) based in Paris. You might learn some new things about natural perfume and about what really goes on in the perfume industry. 

    Several years ago, I began to look for serious 100% natural perfumes. By far, the best I had found at that time was Strange Invisible Perfumes, based in Los Angeles. I've been in love with their fragrance Atlantic for many years. I was struck by the fact that they kept mentioning that they made natural botanical perfume. I thought--isn't natural perfume "botanical" by default? It turns out that the answer is NO. I soon discovered that other natural perfumers were using cruel, animal-based ingredients such as (what I refer to as) the Terrible Three: civet, castoreum (from beavers) and deer musk, often from endangered deer. For these animals, those ingredients essentially spell pain, suffering and death.


    Siberian Deer Musk. Source: DiscoveryMagazine.com

    I was very upset that some natural perfumers tout the philosophy of "natural is better". They sell a product that makes you think you are doing something good by choosing "natural". Some of them will not tell you that they are using cruel ingredients. They sometimes use misleading terms like "vintage civet" as though by happenstance they discovered a little stash of civet in a shipwreck. Because of all of the deception, I began to seek out natural perfumers with whom I could have a one-on-one conversation. I sought out Laurie because I remembered reading her article on animal cruelty a few years earlier, and she happened to live in the San Francisco area, as did I. 

    Civet from Malaysia. Source: DiscoveryMagazine.com

    I wanted honesty. Accountability. Integrity. Artistry. Craftsmanship. Responsibility. Sustainability. Having a conscience in the way in which perfumers source their materials. Nobody is perfect, but there are indeed things we can easily do to put a dent in the very serious and very real problem of cruelty in the industry.


    If you want to read more about animal musks and cruelty in the industry, click here to read Laurie Stern's own well-researched article, which we briefly mention in the video.

    Thank you for reading and watching!


    Portion of October profits to animal charity

    Portion of October profits to animal charity

    Thank you for visiting Avé Parfum as we launch!

    We are grateful that you took the time to check us out and read the blog. Hopefully it's evident what we are all about--working with perfumers who never use the most cruel ingredients in the industry--deer musk, civet and castoreum.

    This online boutique is very personal to me. I love perfume, but one of my personal goals is to help animals in need in any way possible. For the month of October, Avé Parfum will donate a percentage of its profits to a local animal rescue organization. Check us out--do some sampling, get a new bottle for yourself or as a gift, and help animals too! Every full bottle purchase comes with COMPLIMENTARY SAMPLES.

    If you have ever taken a marketing class, they will say that a business should be all about what you can do for the customer. That's true in large part. It's extremely important to us that we can provide you with something unique and valuable. But we hope that you might also shop with us because we have a mutual goal--to help make the world a better place for animals who are suffering. And how incredibly fun to do it through the magical world of niche and artisan fragrance.

    Let's redefine "luxury". It's not even about finding alternatives. It's about shifting perceptions about what the word means. Is it luxurious to wear the skin and feathers of animals who have been tortured or killed? We say, Absolutely not. It may not be the biggest thing you ever do in your life when you purchase cruelty-free fragrance, yet simply choosing products that are created in a conscientious way makes a huge collective difference.

    I hope you will sign up to receive our Newsletter, which provides highlights as well as special offers and promotions (we never sell or share email lists).

    Finally, don't forget to check back to find out which local animal charity we selected.

    Thanks again for being here!



    Photo Cred: Cat Ford-Coates of Studio 828