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    Visit with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

    Visit with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

    Hello conscientious perfumistas!

    When we launched, we announced that we would donate part of our profits from our first month in business to a local animal charity. First we would like to take a moment to thank our customers for their purchases during the month of October. Because of you, Avé Parfum was able to make a meaningful donation to a local animal charity. We are based in Asheville, NC and we selected Brother Wolf Animal Rescue as the recipient.

    Adoption Center 

    We visited Brother Wolf to learn more about the organization hands-on. We encountered lots of cats and dogs, and a sweet white bunny too. Brother Wolf is a grass roots organization with a No-Kill mission of unconditional compassion. They performed search and rescue missions in four states during hurricanes Harvey and Irma. They also provided relief to overcrowded Southern shelters that do indeed kill animals by taking more than 200 animals back to their adoption center in Asheville.

    Because of Brother Wolf, Asheville went from a 70% kill rate at the county shelter ten years ago to a +90% save rate. The organization's current project, for which charitable contributions are needed, is the construction of an incredible animal sanctuary. The sanctuary will serve as a rehabilitation center for animals who are victims of cruelty or who have serious health issues and require up to six months of rehabilitation in order to be adopted. This organization has also shared its life-saving strategies and programs with other communities throughout the South.

    Next to the adoption center, Brother Wolf runs a pretty cool thrift store. All of the proceeds go to the organization.

    Below you will find pictures from our bittersweet yet heart-warming visit.


    Thrift shop and resident kitty....

    Again, thank you for helping us to do what we can to help animal charities such as Brother Wolf. This will by no means be the last time we do stuff like this, so if you have not signed up for our newsletter, we welcome you to do that to find out about special offers, news and future charitable giving events.

    Yours truly,